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About Us

About Taxmann


Taxmann is the leading publisher of tax and corporate laws in India. Besides publishing the books, it maintains the most accurate and largest online database on Direct-taxes (Domestic as well as International Taxation), Corporate Laws, Indirect-taxes, Accounts & Audit and Indian Acts & Rules.

Taxmann group is a conglomerate of several divisions which work independently to look after the editorial research & development, technology enhancements, printing, publishing, sales and marketing activities.

We have various sales offices/resident representatives throughout India. We have a dedicated centre for research and development as well as centre for technology support & enhancement.

In 1960, our founder, Shri U.K. Bhargava laid the foundation stone of Taxmann. The objective behind was to 'Spearhead the pursuit of expertise and authenticity' in field of law.


Taxmann was founded on the principle of authenticity, enriched experience of Indian laws and making compliances easier through our solutions.

We continuously aim to set new standards in the world of publishing and to develop products based on our readers' needs.

Following are our unique well known products:

In-Print Books: Taxmann publishes books on domestic and international taxation, corporate laws, account & audit, banking and insurance, etc. for professionals.

We publish academic books for undergraduates, post graduates, professional courses in the field of taxation, corporate laws, accounts & audit, banking and management.

In-Print Magazines: Taxmann is publishing weekly and fortnightly journals on taxation and corporate laws since 1979. Currently we publish 5 journals / magazines. We maintain the high quality standards of the cases and articles published in these magazine. Honorable Courts refer to the citations of the cases published in these magazines.

e-Books and web commentaries: Taxmann is the first publisher in India to launch e-books and web commentaries on tax and corporate laws.

Online Legal Databases/Websites: Taxmann maintains the largest and most accurate database of Direct-taxes, International taxation, Indirect-taxes, Corporate laws, Accounts & Audit and Indian Acts & Rules. At www.taxmann.com we report all the important updates on hourly basis and all Acts & Rules are updated immediately. We are known for accuracy and precision to that extent that Government of India uses Taxmann's Acts & Rules and other contents for the purpose of national website of Income-tax Department. Taxmann's services are also used for development and maintenance of www.incometaxindia.gov.in.

Smart phone & Tablet applications for IOS & Android

Tax compliance Tools

  • •   TDS Computation and e-Filing of TDS Returns
  • •   Tax Computation & e-Filing of Income Tax Returns
  • •   XBRL Tool for e-Filing of Financial Statement as per MCA’s Taxonomy
  • •   e-TDS Return in cases where computation is not required and data is available in Excel

Research & Editorial Division

A. Editorial and Research & Development Division

Taxmann's editorial and research & development team comprises of highly motivated group of over 200 associates from legal community (viz-a-viz, advocates, lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretaries) who monitor all the developments in the judicial, administrative and legislative fields and process the information with impeccable perfection and skill.

Production Division

Software Development

Taxmann has In-house team for developing application software, e-books and customised software.

We specialize in the development of customised software applications and offshore software outsourcing services. Specifically, our company carries out customised software programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet software application development, etc

The expertise that we possess embraces a wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies.

Website Designing and Maintenance

We have a team of experts to design and maintain your website. Currently we have developed and are managing website of Indian Income-tax Department for past couple of years. We have launched website of Indian Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (Ministry of Law and Justice). We are also content provider to Government of India's Tax Return Preparer Scheme. Our strength lies in web application development, customized web application development, website development, and website database solutions development. We have a professional team of ASP.NET, PHP, Flash Programmers, Software Testers who specialize in web application development, website development and programming. We deliver systems with the optimal cost/performance ratio.

Digital Data Conversion

This unit is engaged in the digital conversion of data. We convert printed books, journals, documents, original manuscripts and other scripts and images to digital format. We convert your unstructured data into a variety of useful digital formats including PDF, HTML and XML making them ready for electronic use on the internet.

  • Digital Archiving
  • Digital Archiving
  • OCR Clean Up
  • Forms Processing
  • Pdf Conversion
  • Data Conversion Of Printed Books
  • Scanning Loose Sheets/hard Bound Books
  • Yellow And White Page Conversion
  • E-Books Making And Hosting

Book Manufacturing Division:

TanPrints is a professionally managed leading commercial printing press in the country engaged in the production of Books, Magazines, Journals, Annual Reports, Calendars, Diaries, Brouchers and other Corporate requirements.


Tan Prints, as printing unit, has state of the art printing machines from Heidelberg to Mitsubishi. The unit processes 25 tonnes of paper per day.


Proper finishing to a well printed job is very important. We have services like Centre/Side Stitching, Section Sewing, Perfect Binding & Hard Case Binding. We handle them on Automatic Folding Machines, Automatic Sewing Machines, Online Gathering and Stitching, Soft Case & Hard Case Binding machines. We can produce 60,000 Paperback books per day on Perfect Binding Machines, 1,00,000 copies of side/centre stitched per day, 6000 Hard Bound Books, 10,000 Diaries and 30,000 Calendars per day on automatic/semi-automatic machines.


Our Quality control department ensures the quality and quantity of the job before we ship them. We take extra care in packing the shipments for all over the world.

Sales Network

Taxmann has well defined channels of sales. We market our products through following channels:

Dealers & Distributors

We have a team of dealers and distributors throughout India cultivated for past five decades.

Direct Marketing

  • Online Bookstore at www.taxmann.com
  • Company Representatives
  • Book Fairs & Exhibitions
  • Direct Mailers
  • Emails

Direct Marketing is just one of the methods for promoting the product. We use a number of other channels depending on the type of the product and its audience.

Our direct marketing program uses a variety of computerized mailing system constructed from past buyers of similar books, journals, researchers, specific-interest groups, and many other sources, through past five decades. The marketing staff identify the most appropriate lists and use them to send out brochures and fliers promoting the product. By tracing the responses to promotional pieces sent using these lists, the marketing staff explore and discover larger audiences for the product.


We extensively advertise our products and services in house weeklies, fortnightly, monthly journals and an e-magazine. We also advertise in various journals and news letters published by various trade-associations. We also use newspaper as mode of advertisement.