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Open the revise return window and click on import management and chose Browse .TDs file and import.

Before opening it take care about FY year and select the same quarter and form for which you want to revise then select the same .tds file again, it will be opened with revise return options. If still it shows the same error then take the back up of revise return window and use option ‘Clean Database” from administration and then re-import the file.

No you cannot be import only master you can import it.

Yes, you can perform multiple transactions with single .tds file, but make sure that the software is updated till the latest version, check  the latest version click on LIVE UPDATE and try to update if the message appears “No Update Available”, then it means your software is updated, else please refer the ways to update the software discussed above.

NOTE: - When you perform multiple transactions, the form 27A will contain no details about corrections after the successful validation.

Click on Import Consolidate file > Import from .tds file > Select the .tds file by ‘Browse for file’ > click on ‘Import’. To open it check the FY first > then open > select Quarter, Form type and Revised Return accordingly and click ‘OK’ > It shows steps of making correction, click OK > select same .tds file again now it lead you to Correction Screen.

Check the FY year > Quarter & Form type and same .tds file must be selected.

If still the problem is same take backup of software > use Clean Database option from administration > import .tds file again then open.

Yes, after you have prepared your e-TDS/TCS return you can check/verify the same by using the File Validation Utility (FVU). This utility is freely downloadable from the NSDL-TIN website.

Serial No.



ETDS Returns

Taxmann’s TDS Computation and e-Filling of TDS Returns


Excel utility


Only master of deductee can be imported through excel.


Salary Focus

Moderate, hence non availability of 12BA

Extreme,12BA is available


Multi user


Yes both single and multi-user versions are available.


TDS worksheets

Not Available



Report of Forms 24Q,26Q,27Q,27EQ




Online Quarterly Return statement check



Consolidated/.tds file have an expiration time of 1 month, it is recommended to file the revised return within one month from the date of requisition.

In such a case the e-TDS/TCS return will not be accepted by the TIN-FC. You should ensure that the control totals generated by FVU and that mentioned on Form No. 27A match. In case of any difficulties/queries, you should contact the TIN-FC or TIN Call Centre at NSDL.

There is no limitation to generate the file for no. of company. You can file unlimited companies return

Traces website link is provided in software to download Bulk Form 16/16A, NSDL Conso File, Justification report, 197 (Lower Deduction) Certificate Validation.

On home screen of software follow the option “Click Here” under Traces Account

TCS filing option is available in software as labelled 27EQ
In software we have provided the option “Trace PDF convertor” that is a link of convertor provided by Traces. Click on it, browse the zip file, give the location to save PDFs, enter TAN number as password then proceed
Revise return option is available in software
By default user name is “Admin” and the password field should be blank, if you want to protect and authenticate the software access you can create users after you are logged in
If you have internet connection then after entering the CD key no. select “online” mode of activation and then click on “click here to activate the product” and if you don’t have the access to internet kindly call us @011-45526666, we will help you to activate the product offline by providing activation code

Please update the last year software till the latest version

a) Take the backup from the last year and then open the current year software update it

b) Then go in Administrator->Data Utilities-> IMPORT DATA FROM PREVIOUS APPLICATION and then locate the data backup  file of last year and follow the wizard.

PS : Make sure that there is no data already existed in the current year software lest it will over write on existing database

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